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RPi Tracker

Project Manager: Chris Troutner

Project Manager Email: chris.troutner@gmail.com

GitHub Page: https://github.com/christroutner/RPi-Tracker

Documentation: https://github.com/christroutner/RPi-Tracker/wiki



This project uses a minimum amount of hardware to create a GPS tracking device. The Pi acts as a WiFi access point, allowing cell phones and computers to communicate with it directly. Configuration and downloading of files takes place over a web browser. A GPS is used to retrieve tracking data. Data is saved in GeoJSON format, but can be downloaded in GeoJSON, KML, or GPX format.

The RPi-Tracker can work as a stand-alone device, but is intended to be used with the Crumb Share service that allows you to easily share your adventures on your blog or via social media. Target users are boaters, RVs and vans, travel writers, and anyone needing to easily capture and share GPS-based data. 

We are looking for JavaScript programmers to help with this project. Contact Chris Troutner (chris.troutner@gmail.com) if you would like to contribute to either RPi Tracker or CrumbShare.





Installation instructions are included on the GitHub page. Also be sure to check out the documenation page.

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