RPi Open Value Network

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How it Works

This page discusses how profit is created and shared among the members of RPiOVN.com.


How Profit is Created

Revenue is created in two primary ways: affiliate sales and retail product sales. Affiliate sales make up a minor source of revenue, with retail product sales being the main source of income.


Affiliate Sales

The list of hardware for each project contains a project-specific affiliate link. You can support a project by buying any hardware you need through clicking on the hardware links in each project. A small portion of the sale price you pay will go towards to the project pool.


Consumer Product Sales

A 'consumer product' is created when a project reaches a stable release. They are composed of the same hardware that developers use, but are sold as an assembled, pre-programmed, and tested product. These products are sold through the RPiOVN store and any net profit is credited to the project pool. Fulfilment can be done by an administrator of RPiOVN.com or a trusted member of the project.



Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

Each product has a 'pool'. All income associated with that project is added to the pool and paid out quarterly to contributing members of the project. Payments are divided up according to the chart to the right. People logging time as a Developer get 50% of the pool. People contributing time to Documentation and Fulfillment receive 30% of the pool. A final 20% of each project goes toward RPiOVN.com to pay for administrative, hosting, and marketing costs. 



Developers make up the largest percentage of profit sharing. These are primarily programming activities. Time spent writing code and debugging should be logged in the project dashboard. You'll need to sign up for an account before you can do this.


Fulfillment & Documentation

Documenation is an ongoing need for any project. Documenation needs to be constantly updated as a project evolves. Even non-programmers can contribute to documentation. Fulfillment and customer support is also a critical service needed to facilitate the sale of reliable open source hardware. People contributing to this category of time can also log time in the project dashboard.