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What is an Open Value Network?


If the term Open Value Networks (OVNs) is new to you, that's not surprising. They are far from a well-established business model, but the idea is beautiful and potentially world-changing. Here are a few links to bring you up to speed:

  • Owning Is the New Sharing - Opinion piece introducing the concept of OVNs and the few OVNs in existence.

  • Sensorica - An Open Hardware company trailblazing the way for Open Value Networks. They use the valuenet software to track their accounting.

  • How Platform Coops Can Beat Death Stars - Another great opinion piece on the world-changing possibilities of OVNs.

  • An excellent definition on Open Value Networks with source links.

  • Loomio - An excellent app that can be used for democratic decision making within a group. This is a great tool for both OVNs and Open Cooperatives.