RPi Open Value Network

Raspberry Pi Open Value Network

RPiOVN.org is an Open Value Network (OVN) for Raspberry Pi programmers. Members contributing time to a project can log their time in the Project Dashboard. When products are sold, profit is distributed fairly based on time contributed to that project.

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Consumer Product Store

When projects reach maturity, they are offered for sale on the store. They are hand-built, fully tested, and shipped with documentation and support.

Join A Project

Want to participate? Read this guide on how it all works, then browse our list of Raspberry Pi based open source projects, or apply to start your own project.

Log Time

Developers and technical writers can log time and effort in the Project Dashboard. Logging work ensures you are fairly paid for your effort when a project is sold in the store or generates an affiliate sale. You'll need to sign up for an account before you can begin contributing to projects.